09.11.2010 | 04 Events

Launch of BottleMi.com

Today RSV jointly with University of South Carolina and iTekka is launching innovative social web-site targeted to the messages related to the future. Be part of the new way to make your guesses. The motto of the proejct is "Dive in". Find it out why this motto is deeply relevant - BottleMi.com

14.08.2009 | 04 Events

The Bubble

RSV has achieved significant progress over creation of innovative iPhone based computer game – The Bubble. The engineering team has spent more than 1000 hours of R&D to create unique game-playing algorithms. The ultimate goal of the project is to make game simple and very attractive to users. The game is going to be launched via AppStore at Q1 2010. At this stage RSV has filled all necessary patent application and processing through USPTO.


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